CHASTE has a vision where the bodies of women, children and men are no longer for sale, no longer traded for the exploitative use of pay as you go sex. CHASTE prays and works for a world without trafficking for sexual exploitation; where women and female children, young boys and young men are not sexually exploited across and within territorial borders. CHASTE resists the deception, grooming, kidnap and greed which leads to a trafficked woman’s life of terror, abuse and denigration.

CHASTE has a vision where people’s bodies are respected in loving relationships not enslavement based on money, commercialisation and inhumanity.

CHASTE wishes to see an end to all trafficking and the building up of law enforcement capability to bring perpetrators to account for their abuse. We look to an international order where in every country those currently abused can find healing, support and growth.

CHASTE commends Article 18 in the Italian Counter trafficking statutes and the Swedish legislation which prosecutes the purchaser of sexual services and not the vendor.

CHASTE believes passionately that churches and faith communities have a key role in the eradication of the demand for trafficked women’s bodies. CHASTE wants to see the UK engage in the debate around demand for sexual services, around appropriate safety and citizenship for those who have been abused, and about the deployment of resources to resist this trade in flesh. CHASTE believes in getting rid of the double standard, which keeps both pimp and punter in the shadows and shines the light on the woman being prostituted.

CHASTE wants to change the culture of debate in this country about prostitution, trafficking for sexual exploitation and all forms of sexual abuse. CHASTE urges all churches to be fully engaged, in prayer, discussion, thinking and practical action. CHASTE believes that our work must be undertaken ecumenically, involving all the denominations working together and sharing their resources. CHASTE works with Governments, Agencies and NGOs who engage in this vision for gender justice in the realm of bodily exchange.

If you wish to join this vision become a friend of CHASTE and visit our Take Action pages.